Transit Labs Announces Innovative National Pilot Program to Transform and Vastly Improve Public Transportation

Joint Press Release by Transit Labs, ITS America, and 1776
Joint Press Release by Transit Labs, ITS America, and 1776

Major Southeastern Transit Authorities Signed On Include Miami-Dade Transit, Atlanta Regional Commission, Macon Transit Authority, and Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham.

Washington D.C. (May 28, 2014) – Transit Labs today announced the launch of the Transportation Application Platform (TAP) Pilot Program which allows 24 state and regional transit authorities to be more competitive for funding and more effective with their existing funds to increase schedule adherence, accessibility, reliability, capital efficiency, safety and energy efficiency.

Transit Labs informs, streamlines and speeds up the transportation decision-making process by tracking over 100 key performance measures in real-time through an elaborate data analytics engine, an effective visualization interface, and various predictive analyses and models.

By making key metrics accessible, the TAP program facilitates accurate, real-time data flow by distributing intelligence along the chain of any transportation organization, from operations to planning to executive management and across local, state and federal government — ensuring goal alignment and optimized performance-based management.

“Tracking maintenance and mechanical incident issues in real-time and using the data to inform inventories and maintenance plans will enable us to save a lot in capital and operating expenses,” said Sandy Amores, Chief of Performance Management at Miami-Dade Transit.

“By standardizing best practices for the organization and analysis of transit data, we can significantly enhance the quality and safety of public transportation across the country,” said Dag Gogue, Chief Executive Officer of Transit Labs. “The lag time between the collection of data and the use of that data to make decisions will now entail a matter of weeks, even days, versus the six-month and longer time frames transit providers currently deal with. TAP helps systems determine, among other things:

  • Optimize schedules to decrease passenger wait-time and have less crowded vehicles
  • Strategically place new stops to maximize people’s access to jobs and housing through public transit
  • Better invest in purchases and maintenance of buses, trains, and escalators
  • Optimize operation and capital expenditures for capital efficiency and fund new projects
  • Manage staff schedules and maintenance to minimize safety incidents
  • Increase energy efficiency

It gives administrators the ability to make real-time decisions, rather than waiting on a report or a study that tells you what to do.”

“Having an accurate and timely picture of public transportation delivery cost, demands and reliability within our region plays a critical role in our ability to develop a sound, long-term travel demand plan that informs huge transportation infrastructure financial decisions for the next few decades” said Charles Ball, Executive Director, Regional Planning Commission of Birmingham-Jefferson County.

“We will use TAP to revise and clean-up our bus stop data.” said Jade Daniels, Operations Manager of Macon Transit Authority.  “Getting the passenger miles correct for FTA reporting has a meaningful impact on the amount of funding we receive.  Doing that manually would require driving every route pattern to get that data.”

“At a time when demand for public transportation is skyrocketing and funding is declining, Transit Labs has sparked a conversation around innovation in transportation that will have far-reaching benefits for America’s cities,” said Donna Harris, Co-founder of 1776, a platform for startups disrupting education, healthcare, energy, transportation and other major world challenges.  “This could be revolutionary, and we look forward to seeing it used in our city — Washington, D.C.”

“Transit Labs exemplifies the expanding field of smart transportation startups working to increase safety, and improve efficiencies throughout the transit system for the traveling public, said Sabrina Sussman, Vice President for Membership and Development at ITS America.  “Through real-time data collection, analysis and reporting, Transit Labs is paving the way for advancing mobility with intelligent transportation solutions and we look forward to supporting their initiatives on a national scale.”

Pilot requirements and applications are available at

About Transit Labs

Transit Labs is a data analytics and visualization company dedicated to building smarter cities by improving transportation data collection, reporting, analysis and modeling practices and harnessing the power of big data to better inform transportation decision-making.

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About 1776

1776 is a major initiative focused on helping entrepreneurs seeking to reinvent our lives as citizens. Located just blocks from the White House, 1776 convenes and accelerates startups from around the world by connecting them to the political, intellectual, social and financial capital that make Washington, D.C. unique.

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About ITS America

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to advancing the research, development and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to improve the nation’s surface transportation network.  Founded in 1991, ITS America’s membership includes more than 450 public agencies, private sector companies, and academic and research institutions.

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