The Challenge Cup: A Great (Fun) Experience

Happy Monday!  Thanks to everyone that came to see our CEO, Dag Gogue, present at the DC Challenge Cup last week!  It was a truly great experience: full of exciting start-ups disrupting every industry you could think of, public and private sector leaders eager to get involved, and some great beer and barbeque.

We met a number of people excited about our mission, from transportation experts that immediately understood the impact that the Transportation Application Platform (TAP) will have on the day-to-day internal operations of transit systems across the country — to regular people that were excited about the end-result: better transit for smarter cities.

We made it to the finals in the smart cities category, which was won by our friends at RideScout, a free mobile app that simplifies your life by aggregating public, private, and social transportation options in real-time including bus, rail, taxi, Car2Go, SideCar, and BikeShare.

It’s always great to see people inside and outside the industry, and the amazing work that they’re doing to innovate.  Thanks again to everyone that came out to support us!  And congratulations to RideScout, eduCanon (education), Dorsata (health), and Ethical Electric (energy) for being selected to represent Washington DC in May’s world-wide competition!

You can read more about the great companies that participated here: