Transit Labs Funding Analysis Identifies $10M in Opportunities for 50 Small Cities


We’ve just completed a transit funding analysis of small cities with high transit service utilization through the Small Transit Intensive Cities (STIC) program, mandated by Congress and implemented by the FTA. We found that in many cases, cities are missing the factors FTA has established to determine the apportionment breakdown of STIC funds — sometimes by mere decimal points.

These missed opportunities mean at minimum $192,016 missed in federal funding — and in some cases, much more. We also found many small cities to be at risk of losing funds that they have been earning as their eligibility criteria barely exceeded FTA benchmarks.


At Transit Labs, we’re passionate about transportation — and we’re all about data, especially about making sure it’s collected correctly and that it’s useful. Our mission is to provide actionable data enabling transit systems to proactively improve service, qualify for more funds, and ultimately be rewarded for performance.

In October, as part of our 6 month nationwide pilot, we normalized 10 years of National Transit Database (NTD) funding apportionment data on Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud (currently in Preview) in order to better understand how transportation funding is allocated, and what cities and transit agencies can do to align themselves with federal planning objectives to earn more funds.


Cities and transit agencies can better position themselves to qualify for these funds by retrieving unreported data, correcting inaccuracies in their collected data, and ensuring that all transit providers in their city report and contribute to the city’s overall KPIs used to determine STIC apportionments.

You can download the full report here, or view it below.

STIC Funding Opportunities


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