Transit vs. Public Transportation

While we were drafting copy for the Transit Labs website, we had a question:

What is the difference between “transit” and “public transportation?”

None, according to the National Transit Database (NTD).

NTD defines the word “transit” as:

Synonymous term with public transportation. Can be found in: B-10

Below is the definition of “public transportation,” you can find more definitions of important transit terms at the NTD Glossary of Definitions.

Public Transportation
As defined in the Federal Transit Act, “transportation by a conveyance that provides regular and continuing general or special transportation to the public, but does not include school bus, charter, or intercity bus transportation or intercity passenger rail transportation provided by the entity described in chapter 243 (or a successor to such entity).”

Notes: (1) Passenger rail transportation refers to Amtrak. (2) This definition does not affect the eligibility of intercity bus service under the Section 5311 Other Than Urbanized Area (Rural) Formula Program. (3) The intercity bus and intercity rail (Amtrak) portion of Intermodal terminals is however an eligible capital cost. Can be found in: Introduction, B-10, A-10, A-20, A-30, MR-10, S&S Introduction, RU Introduction

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